Baji Casino Lottery Games

This popular online casino in Bangladesh gives gamblers a chance to quickly generate profit if they are lucky by purchasing lottery tickets. All Bengali players can take part in Baji lotteries 24/7, making it easy and convenient to potentially win large prizes.

All newcomers get to choose a welcoming bonus. There are 4+ permanent offers, including the bonus of ৳250.

Baji Casino Lottery Games

What are Baji Lotteries?

You can access Baji Lotteries by clicking the Lottery button in the top horizontal menu. On the page, you will be presented with 7 lottery games from SABA:

  • Sports Happy 5;
  • Sports Happy 5 Linked Games;
  • Sports Lottery;
  • Sports Lotto;
  • Sports Number Game;
  • Sports RNG Keno;
  • Sports Table Game.
What are Baji Lotteries

How to Play Baji Lotteries

Online casino lottery games are virtual adaptations of traditional lottery draws. Bangladeshi players are presented with a range of numbers or symbols, and they select a set of these elements to form a ticket. Here is how to access RNG-based Baji lotteries online:

  1. Open the Baji website or launch the mobile app.

    Open Website or Launch Baji App to start playing Lotteries
  2. Deposit at least 500 BDT to your account.

    Top Up Baji Account
  3. Head to the Lotteries tab by using the corresponding button in the top menu.

    Use menu to go to the lotteries section - Baji
  4. Pick between 7 games presented. Tap on the preferred game to be transferred to a secure third-party website.

    Pick Between Presented Baji Lottery Games Providers
  5. Select a game type, if possible, consult the rules.

    Select a Lottery Game Type - Baji Bangladesh
  6. Make your bet. Wait for the results.

    Make your bet at the lottery and wait for the results - Baji Bangladesh

Within the current line-up of games, there are no lotteries that offer a demo mode, which means that you have to make a deposit before playing.

Type of the Baji Lottery Games

There are several types of online Baji lotteries, each offering a unique approach to the game. You can access them by clicking on the stand-alone games presented in the category. In some cases, choosing one game provides you with several choices. For example, Sports Happy 5 Linked Games asks you to choose between two lotteries – Soccer 5 or Parlay 5. Below, you’ll find some of the more popular lottery variants.

Baji Casino Offers Several Types of Casino Lottery Games, including Keno, Happy 5 and other games


Here, BD players select a set of numbers, usually between 2 and 10, and then place their bets. After the drawing, the more numbers you match, the higher your payout. The RNG Keno tab allows Bengali gamblers to choose between:

  • Soccer Lottery;
  • E-Sports Lottery;
  • NBA Lottery;
  • Tennis Lottery;
  • Cricket Lottery.
Baji Keno Lotteries

Happy 5

There are three Happy 5 games – the regular version and linked games. In these games, you bet on the results of the drawing and there are many betting markets. For instance, Parlay 5 lets you choose 1 to 5 balls across different betting markets, including over/under, red/blue, etc.

Happy 5 Lottery Game by SABA - Baji Bangladesh

Numbers Game

The Numbers game takes a different approach to lotteries by focusing on specific combinations. These Baji lotteries for real money are riskier, but they also provide higher payouts if you are lucky. Remember that all results are randomly generated.

Baji Lottery Numbers Game

Advantages of Gambling Lotteries in Baji

There exist several advantages to selecting Baji lotteries in Bangladesh, including:

  • Baji Lottery Games are varied


    There are 7 games in total, each containing anywhere from 2 to 5 games;

  • Bangladeshi Players can Access Lottery Games 24/7


    The games are all available 24/7, which means you can play anytime;

  • Baji Lotteries Support BDT Currency

    Bangladeshi taka support

    BDT can be used to participate even in Chinese state-backed lotteries such as Fu Cai 3D;

  • All Baji Lottery Games are using fair randomness

    Verified randomness

    All the lotteries are legitimately random and were tested by third-party bodies;

  • Choose the lottery game with a theme - NBA, football and more - Baji Bangladesh

    Engaging gaming

    There are many original themed games available for lottery players, including NBA Lottery and Soccer 5;

  • You can bet on several betting markets with Baji Lottery Games

    Many betting options

    Each game has varied betting options. For example, in Happy 5, you can bet on 10+ betting markets, including big/small, odd/even, 4 seasons, more odd/more even, etc.;

  • Online Lotteries are faster, in some cases you can get the result almost instantly - Baji

    Instant gaming

    Unlike traditional lotteries, online versions offer faster draw times and immediate results;

  • Baji Lotteries has easy and convenient mobile interface

    Straightforward interface

    Even newcomers won’t have any issues understanding how to place bets.

Play Lotteries via the Baji App

No matter if you have an Android or iOS smartphone, it’s possible to participate in lottery gaming in a safe, convenient fashion. Simply download the official Baji application for your device of choice that is identical to the desktop site. An optimized mobile interface brings convenience and constant updates ensure the protection of your payments and personal data.

Bangladeshi Players can play lottery games using Baji Mobile App


What are the best tips for playing online lotteries?

The best tip is to enjoy the process and not consider gambling a way to make money. The games are completely random, which makes it impossible to consistently influence the outcome.

Can I play any Baji lottery in a browser?

Yes, you can. All the online games in this category are accessible in all browsers, be it mobile or PC.

How do I increase my chances of winning in Baji Keno?

Even though Keno is a game of luck, players who understand the odds, manage their bankroll, and use all relevant promotions have a better chance of winning.