Responsible Gaming

Baji was created as a site and mobile app for an exciting pastime, gaining skills in the field of gambling and making new acquaintances. However, the company, relying on international experience, is aware that some players may have problems with gambling.

Therefore, Baji has developed a responsible gambling policy to ensure that it remains a safe and comfortable place for playing games in Bangladesh. This document reflects the main preventive measures, ways to maintain control, and useful tips for all Bengali players.

Baji Casino Responsible Gaming


Maintaining mindful play is easy, especially if you follow certain guidelines:

  • Set the deposit amount you can not exceed;
  • Setting a limit on maximum playing time;
  • Do not visit the site or Baji app in a bad mood or while intoxicated;
  • Do not borrow money from relatives or friends;
  • Make enough time for hobbies and essential everyday routines;
  • Don’t try to win back after a loss;
  • Play with only one account.
Baji Casino Responsible Gaming Recommendations

Minor access

Loss of control is often inherent in vulnerable segments of Bangladeshi gamers, and minors might be among them. Therefore, Baji strongly recommends that parents monitor what sites their children visit. If you are a player of the casino and have minor children, then it is your responsibility to keep your login information in a safe place. In addition, you can install a special filter in the browser that will hide access from inappropriate content.

Baji Minor Access


In the most severe forms of gambling addiction or at the personal request of the gambler, his/her account may be temporarily blocked. The self-exclusion feature is available upon request to customer support via email. For a period of 6 months to 5 years, you will not be able to place bets or make a deposit. This mode cannot be canceled for player safety and peace of mind.

How to Self-Exclude from Baji